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What is Ethercraft?

Ethercraft is a decentralized RPG running on the Ethereum blockchain. The main components include the Buy / Sell / Trade of items, Crafting, and Dungeon Crawling.

The Enchanted Shop is currently live with many special items only being sold for a limited time:

Official news and updates:

IMPORTANT! Read the following articles to get started:

Read the other official Medium articles to get the latest information.

How Do I Play the Game?

The game and its development can be divided into three main components:

  1. Buying, selling, and trading: Items are an important part of an RPG, and the decentralized aspect of Ethercraft opens up a variety of opportunities for item and player interaction.
  2. Crafting: Combining items according to a recipe, breaking items down into raw materials, building increasingly complex items from these materials, etc. Opening loot crates and rolling other chance items are also part of the crafting system.
  3. Dungeon Crawling: The playable video game will be a core game loop consisting of equipping a character and sending him off to plunder dungeons and slay enemies.

Each of these three categories are discrete components which are being developed and deployed independently of one another but all work together in harmony. Players who wish to eschew the gameplay itself and stick to trading, collecting and crafting will be able to do so without being forced to play the dungeon part game.

At this point in time, there is an Enchanted Shop where you can buy Inventory / Items (including some free items). Crafting functionality is also being added now, and the Dungeon Crawling game and official trading functionality (Auction House) will come after that. Each part will start off basic with more features added over time. As more functionality becomes available there will be details added here.

Getting Started

Check out this video to learn how to get started in Ethercraft by claiming free items:

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The Game

Dungeon crawling is the more traditional game component with various familiar game mechanics (do enough damage to kill an enemy, run out of HP and you die, etc.).

The following is an excerpt from Introducing Ethercraft: a decentralized RPG running on the Ethereum Blockchain:

The core game loop is intended to be simple, extensible, and scalable. Implementing a real, playable game on the blockchain is not an easy task, and we’re ultimately aiming for mainstream adoption. Our solution is something we feel is very elegant. The player will…
  • Roll a new character, equipping that character with select items that they already own. The character and the chosen items are then held by the core game contract.
  • Choose the character’s tactics, first on a per-dungeon basis and later* in a more fine-grained manner (see Tech section below).
  • Enter a dungeon, watching as the character traverses floor by floor in an attempt to reach and conquer the unknown and (hopefully) emerge with a big pile of loot!

But if you die, you’re dead. That’s it. Your equipment? It’s gone, destined to rot away in the dungeon, never to be seen again… or is it? (See Tech. in the article)

Tactics include things such as…

  • Your stance: Is your character an aggressive fighter or a defensive fighter? Does he try to keep his distance or does he prefer to rush in close to enemies as quickly as possible?
  • Doors: How will you treat locked doors without a key? Will you spend extra time on that level searching for a key? Will you kick them down, possibly triggering any traps that may be set?
  • …and more. (What will you do when you’re low on food? Ascend the dungeon and attempt to get back to town? Try to find more? Attempt to cook and eat the corpse of a slain enemy?)

In this way, the core game loop is essentially a wager system involving with skill and planning components—you risk items using what you know for the potential reward of gold and glory.

This simple system is ideal for blockchain implementation and mobile adoption. We want Ethercraft to be fun, addictive, simple to play, and feasible to implement on the blockchain in such a way that does not negatively impact the user experience (in other words, with no lag or other unnecessary interruptions), and we believe our current system meets all of those requirements. Ultimately, we are aiming for mainstream adoption — our core design means that players can enjoy a good dungeon crawl on the blockchain with just a few taps of the mobile client while on a lunch break. The core game contract is in the early stages of development and will be released after key updates to the item and crafting contracts.

Development Mockups

The following mockups are from the post: Ethercraft: The Game

Mockup equipment.png Mockup dungeon.png

Ethercraft Links

Community Pages:

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