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Ethercraft Questions

Please read the original and official Ethercraft: Questions & Concerns post.

If you have any questions or need help, visit and post to any of the social media sites:

General FAQ

More information will be added here over time. Note that some of these answers may need to be adjusted due to development changes.

Read the Developer Q&A reddit post from mid-January.

How do I open a loot crate or gift bag?

This will be part of the crafting functionality, and you'll get a random outcome based on a range of possible items. There will be different generations of loot that will result in different possible items.

What's so special about this game?

Ethercraft is unique in the crypto-game space in that it aims to be an actual RPG where every single item in the game is its own tradeable token, including gold. This allows for many unique things like trading, and transfer of said items freely and easily.

Can the sale of items be stopped or changed at any time?

No. The start and end time of items going on sale is explicitly stated in the smart contract and cannot be changed after it's created. You can view the smart contract for every item on the Etherscan page for that contract.

When was launched?

January 14th, 10:13 AM EST

Purchasing Items and MetaMask

How do I purchase and what items should I purchase?

Refer to the Buy / Sell / Trade page for more information on this.

I can't seem to purchase or make a withdraw with MetaMask

If you try to put too many transactions through MetaMask at a time, sometimes it will fail to broadcast any of them. There are also other cases that case MetaMask to not send transactions.

If it is not broadcasting a transaction (which you can confirm by checking, you can try re-installing MetaMask. MAKE SURE you have your seed words first (under MetaMask Settings -> Reveal Seed Words), and then simply remove the extension (if using Chrome), clear your browser cache, and reinstall MetaMask and input your seed words.

If you lose your seed words, you will not be able to re-seed your account.

Can I cancel a pending transaction in Metamask?

Maybe. If Metamask is showing "too slow? retry with a higher gas price..." - you can click that, and hit "Reject", it will cancel the transaction as long as it hasn't been picked up by Etherscan yet. Use at your own risk, as the transaction may still have gone through.

How does the enchanted item withdraw system work?

If you purchase an Enchanted item from the shop, each additional purchase of that item from the shop will earn you ETH that can be withdrawn at any time. The exact text in the shop is:

"This item is enchanted. Each [item name] you purchase from this shop will earn 0.00X ETH for every subsequent sale."

This is managed through smart contracts. Imagine that the shop owner keeps a ledger of all sales for each enchanted item and adds your name to the item list when you make a purchase. For each purchase of that same item, the owner will also go through the list and pay each person 0.00X ETH from your purchase, including you if you had previous purchases of the same item. This is not dependent on whether the person still owns the item they bought, and it also means you do not get the shop returns if you purchase an enchanted item on the secondary market. This accounts for the gradual price increase of enchanted items after a certain quantity (175 or 150 sold), as it needs to be able to pay out all returns to previous purchasers. The returns will end once the items are no longer sold in the shop (but you can still withdraw the previous returns after items are no longer sold).

This system of increasing prices also encourages a more limited supply of enchanted items, as they are meant to be some of the rarest and most powerful in the game. The short-term ETH returns are like an added bonus.

TL;DR: You are getting returns from the shop smart contract for each person that buys the same item after you. You are NOT getting dividends for owning the token (enchanted item). You can withdraw at anytime, even after the enchanted shop stops sales.

How do I view my total withdraw balance?

Until a feature is built in, you can use the extension from this reddit post, or use the JavaScript snippet from this Reddit post with these instructions:

  • Copy the snippet
  • Go to your Ethercraft inventory in your browser
  • Right-click somewhere on the page and choose Inspect
  • Go to the Console tab and paste the code

It should display the withdraw amounts for all your items as well as a Total amount.

Does the withdraw rate change?

No. Different items may have different rates, but it does not change. Item prices can increase, so the return ratio will change in that case for newer buyers, but the return rate is fixed at 1% of the initial cost.

When viewing the store, it refreshes the data every few seconds, and you may see it display the pricing and withdraw information of a previous item you were viewing. Just refresh the page if this happens.